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What You Measure You Can Control

The Growbial System’s The Air & Surface Test™ can detect over 50 types of yeast & mold including the following:

Aspergillus7 types
Candida3 types
Cladosporium2 types
Fusarium2 types
Debaryomyces2 types
Penicillium8 types
Rhodotorula3 types
Trichoderma2 types
Zygosaccharomyces2 types

and many more!

Potent Microbial Defense

The Growbial System

Our product line offers flexible microbial testing solutions to suit your needs. With the option to buy kits and tests individually or subscribe for regular supplies, you can tailor your microbial testing approach.


Comprehensive Microbial Monitoring

The Growbial System™ provides thorough monitoring of air, surfaces, and plant material, ensuring early detection and mitigation of harmful microorganisms in cultivation facilities.


Simplified Testing Procedures

With easy-to-follow instructions and a user-friendly app, conducting both The Air & Surface Test™ and The Flower Test™ becomes hassle-free, allowing growers to focus on producing high-quality crops.


Predictive AI Technology

Utilizing AI technology, the system learns the unique environment of each cultivation facility, predicting potential contamination hotspots and offering corrective measures to maintain compliance with state regulations.


On-Site Portability and Compliance Assurance

The portable lab design of The Growbial System™ facilitates on-site testing, ensuring continuous monitoring and compliance with state regulations, ultimately safeguarding plant health and product safety.

Real Experiences from Satisfied Growers

Discover firsthand how The Growbial System has transformed the operations of leading Nevada cannabis cultivation facility. Watch our client testimonial video to see the impact of our innovative microbial testing solutions, and learn how it became indispensable.

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