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Who We Are

EZ Micro Labs is a quality control systems company specializing in microbial testing for cultivation facilities. Our in-house testing lab provides efficacy in detecting microorganisms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Utilizing FDA-compliant laboratory equipment, EZ Micro Labs created The Growbial System, specializing in detecting microorganisms. Our patent-pending technology consists of two separate tests, The Air & Surface Test and The Flower Test.

EZ Micro Labs was developed out of necessity to specifically combat microbials. After decades of growing cannabis in facilities around the country, facing microbial issues became unyielding. Waiting for state compliance testing results to come in, meant a lag time in knowing if something was wrong with the plants and products that were grown, and given such care. Plant life and product health meant we couldn’t stand by and wait. That’s when EZ Micro Labs was born—our necessity drove our innovation, leading us to develop the microbial lab in the palm of your hand.

We took our passion and commitment for plant life and wellness, and discovered a way to stay ahead of pathogens, bacteria, yeast and molds. Our patent-pending technology has made a tremendous impact in helping cultivation facilities grow only their intended plants, while eliminating potentially breeding microorganisms. 

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, EZ Micro Labs brings you microbial testing when you need it. 

Our Mission

EZ Micro Labs is a quality control systems company providing the highest quality of in-house microbial lab testing for cannabis cultivation facilities. We are dedicated to keeping facilities free of contaminates by testing microorganisms living on surfaces and in the air, with simple and affordable lab equipment.

Our Vision

Through innovation and imagination, EZ Micro Labs will be the leading purveyor of in-house microbial lab testing equipment.

EZ Micro Labs Core Values

We believe success must start with how we value the work we do each and every day. Putting forth lab equipment that will have a vast impact on the products people consume, inspires us to do and be better. When we hold ourselves accountable, we find success comes naturally, which is why we stand firm on the values we bring to the marketplace. 

Innovation, Efficacy, Transparency, and Integrity, values we embody through our commitment to ensuring a contaminant-free environment.    

Innovation is what drives us. Creating unique and purposeful products allows us to drive customer focus—without the customer need, we wouldn’t be EZ Micro Labs. 

Efficacy is the essence of what EZ Micro Labs accomplishes. We bring the ability to seamlessly test harmful microorganisms that are potentially growing in a facility in order to produce a contaminant-free and healthy environment.  

Transparency is one of our intrinsic values, as we believe in an honest and open environment, where communication is at the core of everything we do. 

Integrity is how we honor our belief in providing safe and stellar in-house lab equipment. Holding ourselves to an ethical standard in how we operate ensures we are committed to creating products that are true and accurate. 

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