The Growbial System

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The On-The-Go Microbial Lab

In-Depth Comparison

The Air & Surface TestThe Flower Test
Testing LocationAir & Surfaces of Cultivation FacilitesPlant Material and/or Final Products
Tests ForMicroorganisms/MicrobialsMicroorganisms/Microbials
Starter Kit$4,499$2,499
Monthly Refill$1,250$399
CaseEZ Mobile TransportEZ Hard Case
Bio InsertsYMR Bio Insert (100)Flower Test Bio Insert (20)
EZ Transport & StorageYMR Bio Insert Racks (20)Flower Bio Insert Racks (4)
Hazard Stickers285
Permanent Locators100
Target Locators100
Sterile Swabs50
Utility Apron✔️
EZ Micro Incubator✔️✔️
Smart EZ Scanner✔️✔️
EZ Photo Stand✔️✔️
Stainless Steel Forceps✔️✔️
Isopropyl Spray Bottle✔️✔️
EZ Micro Instructional Guide & SOPs✔️✔️
Monthly Refill
Bio InsertsYMR Bio Insert Racks (100)Flower Test Bio Insert (20)
Test RacksYMR Bio Insert Racks (20)Flower Test Racks (4)
Hazard Stickers204
Individual Micro Reports Using AI✔️✔️
Virtual Learning Center✔️✔️
Track & Trace Management Customer Portal✔️✔️
24/7 LIVE Customer Support✔️✔️

Benefits of The Growbial System

We’re Here Every Step Of The Way

Both tests of The Growbial System have a monthly refill subscription with an auto-ship feature, ensuring that the facility is never without necessary testing supplies. This subscription also offers the ability to pause, increase, or decrease supplies in your next shipment.

Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Growbial System provides access to the app, powered by AI. Our AI technology will learn your cultivation facility, predicting potential hot spots where microbial infection may occur, offering time to correct any potential issues. The process allows you to confidently pass all state compliance testing before state testing occurs.

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