The Growbial System
The On-the-Go Microbial Lab

We’ve created an easy-to-use portable microbial contamination testing lab, The Growbial System. Our in-house testing lab provides efficacy in detecting microorganisms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Utilizing FDA compliant laboratory equipment, EZ Micro Labs’ The Growbial System, specializes in detecting microorganisms. Our patent-pending technology consists of two separate tests, The Air & Surface Test™ and The Flower Test™.

The Microbial Lab in the Palm of Your Hand

The EZ Micro Labs™ proprietary app has been made with cultivation facilities in mind. Having a seamless integration of all of your cultivation’s microbial information in one place has never been made simpler. After initial download, account and user set up, the app immediately begins building a database of your grow, as samples are uploaded. It streamlines all of your test samples in one place, creating an organized account of all tests taken and pending, as well as all pertinent CoA results. The app sends out daily reports and alerts, as material is organized by user, giving insight into areas of the grow that are hot spots for microbial contamination, or have been deemed free of microbes. The more the app is utilized, the more information it collects, offering unparalleled data. 

The Growbial System, Air & Surface Test

The Growbial System runs on our proprietary app and takes minutes to set up an account, once downloaded. The Air & Surface Test was designed for all types of grow houses to test the air and surfaces throughout its cultivation facilities, monitoring each designated room where test samples have been chosen. This specific test provides efficacy in determining what microorganisms may be plaguing your facility. The Air & Surface Test contains bio-inserts that are strategically placed around the grow in areas such as: the mother, veg, flower, trim, and extraction rooms, as well as HVAC systems, fans, trays, sinks, drains, and even non-production areas of the facility. Circumventing microbials issues at the source.

Once predetermined areas are chosen, next steps involve pouring the activation solution into the bio-insert, which activates sampling—EZ Micro Labs provides instructions on how to commence testing, as well as video tutorials in our Learning Center—The Air & Surface Test will monitor for any pathogens, circulating within your grow, taking minimal time to run. After setup, the EZ Micro Labs app will alert the user to retrieve all of the bio-inserts that have been set throughout the grow and scanned into the app. Next, bio-inserts are placed into the EZ incubator for 72 hours. As soon as incubation results are ready, a photo is taken of the test sample and uploaded to the app. Final results are uploaded to the app within 24 hours, alerting you with a personalized, detailed, and accurate CoA.

The Growbial System, The Flower Test

The Growbial System’s The Flower Test was designed in conjunction with the Air & Surface Test for full protection of your grow, plants, and products. The Flower Test is a way to test for microbials on plants and products alike. If there is a microbial issue in the cultivation facility, there is a chance of infection on your plants and possibly, final products. Before you send your final batches off for compliance state testing, it’s best to know if you have a microbial issue before the state does—giving you ample time and opportunity to remediate the issue before whole batches, or crops are lost.

By taking a flower sample, either directly from a plant, or from a dried and cured batch, you gain peace of mind in knowing your products are safe from any potential microorganisms. Safeguarding your plants and products is imperative for consumption and for optimal health, especially for those with already immunocompromised systems. The Flower Test is simple to run, as EZ Micro Labs provides training, as well as video tutorials in our Learning Center. After taking a gram of a flower sample cut directly from the plant, or from a cured batch, the sample is placed in a sterile bag and mixed with our solution in order to become homogenized. Once homogenized as best as possible, a liquid sample is taken from the sterile bag and mixed with another solution provided, placing that sample on a bio-insert. After scanning and uploading the information from the flower sample taken and onto the EZ Micro Labs app, the bio-insert heads into the EZ incubator for 72 hours. Once incubation results are ready, a photo is taken of the test sample and uploaded to the app. Final results are uploaded to the EZ Micro Labs app within 24 hours, alerting you with a personalized, detailed, and accurate CoA.

Even taking full PPE (personal protective equipment) into account, microbials happen. Testing throughout the plant life-cycle, can make all the difference in avoiding microbial contamination. 

Simple. Accurate. Dependable.

Creating Your Account

Download our app and create your account.

The Growbial System

Select the Air & Surface Test or The Flower Test

Receive & Register System

Once you receive your Growbial system, follow the steps to register.

Scan & Log Your Sample

Scan and log your sample to start progress tracking for each sample taken.


Every sample requires incubation.

Snap a Photo and Upload to the App

Once the picture is uploaded, our AI will analyze the sample.

Results Within 24 Hours

Results are uploaded to the app within 24 hours after incubation.

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Easy To Use

Become an expert in minutes! The EZ Micro Labs Quality Control Systems require minimal training and take minutes to set up.

Peace Of Mind

The EZ Micro Labs Quality Control Systems offer relief from worrying about state compliance testing—knowing you’ll pass before the results come in.

Experts and Visionaries

Our support team assists with any and all issues. From support with testing, to advising on how to fix potential infections—EZ Micro Labs are here to help!

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